Exaion – an EDF Group subsidiary – supports you in your digital transformation projects with an eco-responsible approach.

Our vision

Over the next ten years, Web3 will become a standard. Exaion is seeking to be one of the pioneers and a major player in building this third generation of the Internet. Our mission is to support companies aiming to get involved in Web3.

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Our philosophy

  • Security

    We want to make data more secure and ensure its confidentiality. We believe that users should have the ability to choose where their data is stored.

  • Sovereignty

    We are an entity subject to French law, offering our clients the guaranteed ability to site their data on their national soil. We believe that users have the right to choose who is storing their data, where, and how.

  • Eco-responsibility

    We give a second life to TOP500 supercomputers to provide 3D Cloud and Blockchain solutions. We adopt an approach which reuses the waste heat emitted by the servers.

  • Decentralisation

    We operate data centres in which the computing power is physically close to where the data is created. Our aim is to speed up data processing, control data flow and reduce infrastructure costs.

Understanding Web3

Web3 is an evolution of the Internet that allows the exchange of value between peers without a trusted third party. It is based on signature algorithms, consensus protocols and a decentralised architecture. It must resist censorship, takeovers, attempts to stop it or corrupt it. There are many fields of application, from cloud infrastructures to decentralised finance, including the creation and exchange of digital assets by brands, creative industries and manufacturers.

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