Exaion is the EDF Group’s Web3 subsidiary

Exaion is a product of the EDF Pulse Incubation intrapreneurship programme and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the EDF Group. It draws on the expertise of EDF’s DSIT and R&D, as well as its own technicians, engineers and developers, offering a turnkey solution to players developing large-scale Web3 projects (3D Cloud, Blockchain, Edge Computing) with an eco-responsible, sovereign and entirely secure approach.




Fatih is co-founder and CEO of Exaion. Born into a family of serial entrepreneurs, he actively contributes to the adoption of Web3 by some of the largest French and European companies. He graduated from prestigious schools such as Mines ParisTech, University of Tsinghua in Beijing, Paris Dauphine-PSL and Oxford Saïd Business School. He worked for several years in investment and new technologies at BNP Paribas CIB and EDF before falling in love with Web3.

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Laurent is co-founder and CTO of Exaion. A graduate of INSA Lyon, he is an IT specialist who spent 13 years in the IT department of the EDF group, but is above all a self-taught person with a passion for new technologies. A true "well of ideas", he has brought to light several innovative solutions around IoT, Big Data, AI and Blockchain. He was manager of the EDF group's data centres, piloting the commissioning of the latest one and enabling their ISO 14001 and 50001 environmental and energy certification.

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Environmentally responsible solutions

Datacentres could potentially account for 13% of worldwide electricity demand by 2030. To meet this ecological challenge, Exaion has implemented several measures to drastically reduce its carbon footprint: recycling of some of the most powerful supercomputers in the world, ISO 14001 (environmental management) and 50001 (energy management) certification, highly decarbonised electricity supply, prioritisation of off-peak hours, carbon footprint on invoices, reduced activities during peak consumption times, etc.

Sovereign solutions

One of the major challenges of the cloud is to protect data of a strategic nature, which can be compromised if hosted abroad. To address this issue, Exaion’s datacentres are located in France and managed directly by our local teams. Your data is therefore subject to enhanced protection under French and European Union legislation.

Secure solutions

We rely on the EDF Group’s SOC (Security Operation Center), which is certified by France’s ANSSI (National Authority for the Security and Defence of Information Systems). This ensures constant and optimal security for our information system. To certify this approach, we have initiated the procedure for obtaining the SecNumCloud security visa from ANSSI.

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