KlapCoin: a new cryptocurrency to finance French cinema

Exaion is committed in partnership with the DCF (La Diversité du Cinéma Français) in its participation in the launch of a cryptocurrency – the KlapCoin – for financing audiovisual works in a participatory, innovative and perfectly secure way.


Exaion joins NVIDIA and NVIDIA Inception partner programmes

This will enable the EDF subsidiary to enhance its cloud and blockchain solutions using the latest graphics cards, access a vast ecosystem of partners to accelerate its development, and support start-ups from the NVIDIA incubator.

Our solutions

Hypernet Labs: easier access to the Exaion Cloud

Thanks to Galileo – a web application developed by the American company – all users, including experts and novices alike, have been able to access the computing power of Exaion’s infrastructure in a simple and fun way since 26 July.