Exaion Node

Our range of turnkey Blockchain solutions

Through its infrastructures and range of Exaion Node solutions, Exaion supports you in implementing and deploying your Blockchain use cases, running on numerous protocols. In addition to end-to-end support and development from our team of experts, we offer a range of managed nodes for rapid access to numerous blockchains.

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Exaion Studio

The 3D Cloud for your business practices

Exaion Studio is a 3D Cloud offering that takes the form of stackable bricks. You build your 100% digital collaborative working environment according to your needs and for the time period that suits you. No pre-emptive measures are required: your tailor-made studio is yours and yours alone. The infrastructure at your disposal, equipped with the latest generation of graphics cards, is rented “bare”. You are free to install the operating system of your choice and run your own business software.

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Exaion Compute

An eco-responsible decentralised hosting solution

Datasets are becoming increasingly large, increasingly remote and increasingly disparate. Edge Computing allows computing power to be moved physically closer to where it was created. The aim is to speed up data processing, control data flows and reduce infrastructure costs. The end goal is not only to meet requirements for responsiveness, security and cost, but also to avoid bandwidth saturation and reduce latency in data processing.

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